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San Diego's May Firestorm
At the time of this post, there have been nine fires all around San Diego. There is an estimation of 9,000 acres burned.
There are the:
  • Gun Fire near Pine Valley
  • Jacumba Fire east of Boulevard
  • Bernardo Fire southwest of Rancho Bernardo
  • Tomahawk Fire in Camp Pendleton
  • Poinsettia Fire in Carlsbad
  • Highway Fire in the Deer Springs area
  • Cocos Fire in San Marcos
  • Freeway Fire in Fallbrook
  • River Fire in Oceanside.
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Lemme add my 2 cents to this. Last night round like 9:30ish or so i smelt smoke. Turns out i was right, there was a fire in the nearby cannon at least half a mile away which was right next to the Neighborhood School, Crawford High and next to a Hospital for eldery. That aint the strange part, there was a fire there 2 months ago that started because some kids. Dumb ones @ that.
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