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EuroTruck Simulator 2 mod- No damage
This is the very first review on Attila's Forums website! Wink

The mod can be found here:

This mod is sample mod that does exactly as the name states.
It will prevent damage to all parts of your truck from the following:

[*]Trailer Damage
[*]AI "moments"
[*]Your Horrifying driving skills

Although this mod prevents damage to your truck all damage to your tires will still remain active
*On average your tires will receive 1% damage for every 1,500 km (estimated) of travel.
This mod should for all versions of EuroTruck Simulator 2.

[Image: ets2_00000.jpg]

[Image: ets2_00001.jpg]

[Image: 3IeaHDg.jpg]

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