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EuroTruck Simulator 2 mod-Kenworth W900l
[Image: kenworth.jpg]

This mod includes the Kenworth W900l. The mod is very limited in terms of compatibility with the game. A test run with a backed up profile and should be remove if incompatible. This truck will be available to purchase from the Iveco truck dealers.

The mod can be downloaded from here:

More information is available at:

This mod includes the following:

Realistic engine sounds
Rear guards and sun visor as optional accessories
beacon light accessories
Oversize sign accessory
Real CAT and CUMMINS engine options
Real Road ranger 18 speed option
(h-shifter only)
(Standard 12 speed for automatic)
Realistic interior

Please note users have reported problems

"Game crashes constantly, what a pitty! It seems so beautifull,"
"Does This work on 1.3.0 it seems to crash my game"
"If you watch the video on you tube the description has a slightly lower res texture version for those people who aren’t running the game on ultra its very stable"
"Instant crash. Same as all mods by Onixer. I love the truck and the Peterbilt as well. I just wish someone could make a stable one."

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