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EuroTruck Simulator 2 Trailer-Trainsinet (Renault)
This trailer skin will allow you to get a Trainsinet skin for your Renault. This paint job will go along with the default trailer type in the game. This mod has been tested by members of our staff with no conflicts reported. It should be noted however, that conflicts may occur with this mod if other trailer modifications are applied. This trailer mod has been tested with differents version of the game with no reported conflicts. However, as with all with trailer mods conflicts may start if you use additional mods.

**Please ensure that when you follow the link you looking for the right truck. Click on the link that matches your truck at the bottom of this page.**

Download for the Renault Magnum can be found here:

Download for the Renault Premium can be found here:

[Image: Renault-Magnum-Transinet-Skin-1-460x258.jpg]
Renault Magnum

[Image: Renault-Premium-Transinet-Skin-1-460x258.jpg]
Renault Premium
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