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EuroTruck Simulator 2 Trailer-Over sized Hay
This trailer add on will give the option of delivering over sized batches of hay. This mod will come with two different downloads. One will have 2 piles of rolled hay on top of each other while the other will have three. YOU CANNOT use both different downloads at the same time. This mod has been tested by members of our staff with no conflicts reported. It should be noted however, that conflicts may occur with this mod if other trailer modifications are applied. This trailer mod has been tested with differents version of the game with no reported conflicts. However, as with all with trailer mods conflicts may start if you use additional mods. One note made by our testing team is that the amount of times this trailer is listed depends on the version of the game you are using.

You can download this trailer here:

[Image: rolled-hay-trailer.jpg]
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