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Boeing 757

The Boeing 757 is by far one of the most success and durable plane to this date. With 1,050 made the 757 proved herself worthy of flying safely in the skies on short to medium routes. Thou she is is mid-size narrow body, she was still the biggest single aisle plane built by Boeing. Thou she is no longer in production since 2004 there are over 900 planes left in the skies, and her bigger sister, the 767, continues to provide great trans-Atlantic flights. Since her maiden flight and first production in 1981 she has flown over 35,000 round trips from the earth to the moon.


Naturally, like every other plane to this date, the 757 came in multiple types and lengths.


This was the first and most popular version of the aircraft. Thou it was the same size all around, this model had different door options. This version also comfortably seated 224 passengers.

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