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2017 Week 2 San Diego Regional FRC
Day 1:
I am a mentor for Team 4160 and we had a long day one. We came to competition with none of electronics mounted except the motors. We had to crimp the lug nuts onto the battery plug and to the Power Distribution Panel. That was a pain and a judge kept on telling us that we can't use a rubber mallet on the impact crimper and to use a metal hammer but if I use a hammer then it will impact it too much and will damage the wire. After I finished the battery to PDP, then I had to create a loop between each device for the CAN signals but it wasn't that hard but because I rushed, it isn't my best wiring. We missed all of our practice matches and the SRX's are still not wired up.
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Day 2:
First thing I did was hook up the SRX because without them, we can't play. Then I placed the webcam, hooked up the encoder to the gearbox, and pneumatics for 2nd gear shift. The bumper is in the way of the climber so we can't climb. We keep on breaking Chains during matches. At the end of the day, we split our bumper in half so the climber can turn freely, so that needs to get reinspected tomorrow. 
Things to do: Hopper attached and gear collector needs to also be put on
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Day 3:
Today we tried our climber. We have tried this motor at home and it was able to lift 130lbs. When we tested the climber on our robot, it was able to make it halfway up and then it stopped and smoke came out of the robot. When we took it apart, the PG188's gear broke so the motor couldn't spin and caused the smoke. We still did not have any gear box on our robot nor the hopper. One of our match our robot kept on Browning out and when I looked at the log, each motor on our gear box was pulling 60amps each and there is 3cim per gear box. When we took a look at the gear boxes then we noticed that some screws were missing and the master link was hitting some metal and that could be why we were breaking chains. We lost all of our game today and we didn't get picked for quarter finals so I can finally was the game from the stands and not in the pit from my phone. Our team is friends with team 1538 The Holy Cows and my sister is in the drive team for the cows so I started cheering for then. Their third match in the quarter finals, at the 30sec mark it was a tie and all robots started to climb, but one of her alliance's rope broke halfway and the robot fell costing the match and that was the loudest cheer I heard from the audience ever. There is allot of good plays but I see always see that the gears are way more important then the balls but the balls are good to brake ties. The finals was both won with less then 10 points.
Things we want to change for next alliance:
  • Cut the hopper in half so the PDP is closer to the battery and have more room
  • Make gear collector and put it on the robot
  • Make sure the robot can reliable hook into the Rope and pull up robot without smoke coming out of the motor
  • Code some more complex stuff
  • Chain tensioner
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